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Refinery29 The Horniest Movies On HBO Max Right Now
Once upon a time, before The Sopranos helped usher in the era of peak TV, HBO was known for its broadcast of popular films — and for the robust offering of, ahem, adult content in the late night hours. Then, the internet grew more and more popular and curious youths could do a simple Google search instead of sneaking downstairs to try to catch an episode of Cathouse or Taxicab Confessions or Real Sex. And HBO pivoted its brand to become synonymous with highbrow, expensive, scripted television, so the network began to lean less and less on its soft-core content. In 2018, HBO quietly removed its sexiest series from its streaming apps HBO Go and HBO Max, and the racy AF shows did not make the migration to HBO Max in 2020, either.

A spokesperson for the network told the Los Angeles Times that the decision to pull the explicit content wasn't necessarily for family friendly reasons, it was really due to popularity: “Over the past several years HBO has been winding down its late-night adult fare," the rep wrote. "While we’re greatly ramping up our other original program offerings, there hasn’t been a strong demand for this kind of adult programming, perhaps because it’s easily available elsewhere."

But while you can't get that explicitly sexy content on HBO Max, there are plenty of steamy movies available to watch on the streaming service. From classic '80s and '90s erotic thrillers to foreign imports — plus the ab-tastic cinema of Steven Soderbergh's Magic Mike. No, they're not necessarily as wall-to-wall adult-oriented as some other films, but listen — sometimes anticipation is as satisfying as the real thing. Plus, if you need more than that, you have the entire internet at your fingertips.

Update: This story was originally published on September 3, 2020.

Endings, Beginnings

Shailene Woodley stars as an adrift woman reeling from a breakup who meets two men with whom she happens to have electric chemistry — and they just so happen to be best friends. She explores that chemistry over the course of a year, resulting in some very steamy sex scenes.

Thirst Level: This is definitely about a 6 on a scale of 1 to the 8 glasses of water you're supposed to drink per day. And it's all thanks to the overall extreme sexiness of Woodley and her two costars, Jamie Dornan and Sebastian Stan (sorry, did we forget to mention that before?).

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: Woodley told Refinery29 in April 2020 that all of the sex scenes were improvised, and she felt especially close to Stan thanks to the road trip she took with him from Los Angeles to the film's location in Big Sur.

"For this movie, like all of the scenes, the sex was pretty improvised. I mean, we definitely walked through it beforehand, Sebastian and I or Jamie and I would say, Hey, this is my boundary, this is where I'm uncomfortable. And then we semi-blocked out what it could look like, and would look like," she said. "Other than that, we just, the cameras rolled. We didn't film the sex scenes right off the bat, they were very much towards the middle and end of the movie, so we already had such a great level of established trust. We were able to be very vulnerable and raw in those scenes without compromising our personal boundaries."

Dangerous Liaisons

This film, based on the 1782 French novel of the same name by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, proves that being manipulative and horny is not exclusively territory for the late '80s and early '90s (bringing back the erotic thriller of that era should be a top cinematic priority). This story of seduction and betrayal served as the inspiration for Cruel Intentions, so Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe owe a lot to Glenn Close and John Malkovich for paving the way.

Thirst Level: 5. Listen, it's sexy as hell but somehow the costumes make things a little less alluring — unless that's your thing, in which case more power to you.

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: Let's just be pleased about a scene that did not make the cut: The rape scene between Malkovich's Vicomte de Valmont and the 15-year-old Cécile (which unfortunately made it back into the most recent Broadway production).

The Human Stain

Despite its decidedly unsexy title, this Nicole Kidman-Anthony Hopkins thriller has so much sex that a website dedicated to making family-friendly movie guides wrote that it is "full of sex, nudity, profanity, smoking, some violence, and a 'life is meaningless, so find someone as damaged as yourself to console you' message combined with, 'true happiness is found in great sex' sub-message." So, uh, it might not be uplifting but the story, about a May-December romance between a professor and a much-younger woman who both are hiding painful pasts, is certainly debaucherous (at least according to that site).

Thirst Level: 3

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: The fine folks at Movieguide say this film "contains so many references to sex, sex scenes, and nudity that it could be considered softcore porn," so it's really more nudity you're looking for rather than explicit sex scenes.

Looking: The Movie

Is this cheating because it's actually the feature film-length conclusion to the HBO original series Looking, which followed a group of gay men in San Francisco as they navigated their dating and personal lives? We're gonna say it doesn't matter because of how it tied up the loose ends for these pals while also managing to continue the show's frank portrayal of modern sexuality.

Thirst Level: 5. There are a lot of hot people in this movie and the show it's based on.

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: So there's actually only one true sex scene in the film, but it's a great one involving Jonathan Groff's Patrick and a fling named Jimmy.

En tu piel/7:20 Once a Week

This 2018 romance follows Manuel and Julia, who share a steamy night of passion together. Despite being married to other people, they realize they can't ignore their attraction and decide to meet up once a week.

Thirst Level: 6. Hey, this whole movie is about people who have a standing dick appointment.

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: Their first encounter is so explosive that they can't deny their attraction.

Magic Mike

Channing Tatum and Steven Soderbergh's buzzy film based on the actor's own life as a male stripper in Florida ended up being a lot more indie drama than strip show (you'll have to watch Magic Mike XXL for beginning-to-end hard bodies and little to no plot), but it was still a quietly beautiful film punctuated by a lot of glistening abs.

Thirst Level: 4. Too much random girl and building of ugly furniture, not enough stripteases to "Pony."

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: This movie isn't about sex so much as the idea of sexuality, so if you want to rev your engines, just watch the aforementioned striptease.

He Got Game

Listen, this Spike Lee joint is definitely more sports drama than anything else, and stars Denzel Washington as a father released from prison in order to convince his all-star basketball player son (Ray Allen) to sign with the warden's alma mater. But it has some pretty racy sex scenes for a sports movie — it earns that R rating!

Thirst Level: 5. Ya know, since it's not really all about the sex, more about the father-son relationship and also the basketball.

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: Who could forget the first time they saw a three-way on screen? And that's after Allen's promising basketball prospect has sex with his girlfriend on a rollercoaster.


Angelina Jolie stars in this 1998 biopic about America's first supermodel, Gia Marie Carangi. And while the film is definitely a downer — Gia's isolation and loneliness leads to a debilitating drug addiction and early, tragic death — Jolie is mesmerizing. Jolie herself is so charismatic and alluring, and Gia's relationship with makeup artist Linda (Elizabeth Mitchell) is super sexy.

Thirst Level: 5.

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: Gia and Linda get particularly amorous after they both pose nude during a photo shoot.


We're going to be real with you: While definitely sexy, this movie about a hot French lady named Vianne (Juliette Binoche) who opens a chocolate shop in a backwards town and inspires the strait-laced villagers to loosen up, isn't really explicit. It's more a meditation on desire, which is sparked in Vianne herself when a hot Irish Gypsy (Johnny Depp) — and no we're not sure that is the correct way to refer to his character, but it's what the film's official description calls him — shows up to teach her more about her own happiness.

Thirst Level: 3. This movie can get kind of boring if you're watching while scrolling on your phone, so it's easy to miss some of the erotic build-up between Depp and Binoche's characters.

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: There's a lot of talk and not a lot of action, but there is a scene where a couple get it on in a flashback and there are bare breasts involved. For a movie about the notoriously erotic French, it has surprisingly few actual sex scenes and plenty of implied ones.


Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon's relationship — and relations — in this sexy 1996 noir thriller directed by the Wachowski siblings (their directorial debut, in fact) is among the most famous in the lesbian film canon. "It’s just so easy to watch her, like her butt and her legs. It made my job easy to kind of objectify her," Gershon told Entertainment Weekly of the duo's chemistry in the film. "We liked each other as soon as we met."

Thirst Level: Um, have you seen how hot those two are together? This is definitely about a 6 on a scale of 1 to the 8 glasses of water you're supposed to drink per day.

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: You'll know it when you see it. And fun fact: While the practice of using an intimacy coordinator to facilitate explicit scenes is common today, the Wachowskis were trailblazers when they hired sex educator Susie Bright to choreograph Tilly and Gershon's big sex scene.

Body Heat

Everything gets a little sexier when the temperature is hot — less clothing, fewer inhibitions, general restlessness — which is why Lawrence Kasdan's 1981 erotic neo-noir (sensing a theme here?) is just so alluring. Inspired by Billy Wilder's Double Indemnity, the film stars Kathleen Turner as a woman who manipulates a man into killing her husband.

Thirst Level: 6. Could be higher if we count the graphic scenes ultimately cut from the film before its wide release.

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: The one that made such an impression on a young Charlize Theron that she recalls it in interviews three decades later is a pretty good start.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Angela Bassett: Patron saint for career-focused 40-something women who forsake their own needs and desires in the pursuit of career advancement and raising a family. Bassett plays the titular character, who goes on a dreamy vacation with her BFF (Whoopi Goldberg) and manages to have a hot-as-hell fling with a 20-something (played by Taye Diggs).

Thirst Level: 6. Even the funniest Whoopi Goldberg wisecracks are punctuated by appreciative shots of Diggs' biceps.

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: Score one for the matriarchy: One of the hottest moments of the central character's tryst includes some shower sex where Stella is fully clothed and her paramour is most definitely not.

The Last Seduction

This movie came out in 1994, which means — you guessed it! — it's another entry into the best '90s film genre, the erotic thriller. Linda Fiorentino stars a woman on the run after stealing her crook husband's latest score, and who decides to take him down once and for all using her sexy smarts. In the process, she recruits an unlucky random dude (played by actor-turned-director Peter Berg) to do her…and her bidding. This woman literally uses the guy for sex and it's actually quite powerful and norm-subverting. And sexy, it is very sexy too.

Thirst Level: 7, because we love a powerful woman getting what she needs.

Toe-Curling Sex Scene: There are plenty to choose from, but there's one involving a chain-link fence that actually came about thanks to Fiorentino's own input. (If you want to go more in depth about the sex scenes, Berg spoke openly about them in a recent interview.)

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